How Much Does A Ready Mix Concrete Plant Cost?

If you are thinking about buying a ready mix concrete plant, you probably have a lot of questions about how much they cost. Unfortunately, coming up with an average price for one of these plants is almost impossible since there are so many different variables that come into play.

One thing that you can do is familiarize yourself with some of the factors that affect the total ready mix concrete plant cost. That way, you can get a general idea of how much money you need to save to set up and operate a ready mix plant of your own.

ready mix concrete plant

In terms of cost, the overall size and production capacity of the plant is one of the biggest factors to consider. Larger plants with higher production capacities are almost always more expensive than smaller plants that aren’t capable of producing quite as much concrete.

Even though plants with higher production capacities cost more, they also increase your earning potential. When determining what size plant to buy, you will need to evaluate the local market to determine how much demand there is for ready mix concrete. You can then buy a plant that is sized appropriately for the area where it will be located.

The cost of the land where the plant will be set up is another expense that you need to take into account. This cost is also highly variable. In some areas, land is relatively cheap, meaning that you can get set up without a huge investment. In other areas, however, the cost of land is much higher. As a result, you will need to set aside more money to cover your down payment or to purchase the land outright.

If you purchase the ready mix plant for sale from another part of the country or from overseas, you will also need to pay to have it transported to the location where you plan on setting it up. This can cost quite a bit of money, depending on the size of the plant and where it is being shipped from. Be sure to take this extra expense into account when calculating the total purchase price. The last thing that you want is to be taken by surprise by unexpected shipping costs.

In terms of operating the plant after it is set up, there are many other expenses that you need to think about including the cost of labor, the cost of materials, taxes, licensing fees, insurance, and more.

You can see why it is so hard to come up with an average cost for a ready mix concrete plant. There are so many different variables that there is no way to come up with a single quote.

If you are thinking about setting up one of these plants and want to get a better idea of how much money you need to save, consider reaching out to a manufacturer that makes wet mix concrete plants. They can walk you through some of the options that they have available so that you can get a better sense of your total equipment costs.

Get Best Batching Plant Price In Pakistan

As a business person you need your business to come from the initial stage and grow rapidly and fast. This is the reason why you’ll need to invest in a cement block machine that will produce high quality products with minimal cost. I know it’s hard to get a place where you can buy a good cement block machine nowadays. A word of caution is that don’t pick up one from the hardware store nearby since you need to do thorough research before going for one. Before you buy one you’ll have to consider on the affordability of the cement machine and also if you can get the spare parts easily with effective prices as well.

Once your business grows, you’ll have to consider putting up a batching plant in your business for maximum productivity. In Pakistan, you can find several batching plant machines with different prices for you to choose. In this article we’ll look at a cement block machine and also the batching plant price in Pakistan. At the end of this list you’ll be in a better position to purchase a batching plant.

HZS 120 cement batching plant

HZS 120 is a batching plant and you can easily find it in Pakistan. You need to visit in Pakistan and grab one for an effective price. You can use the HZS 120 in building of roads, railways, bridges, buildings, precast factories and also in irrigation works.
This batching plant price in Pakistan is $ 120,150.00 in in Pakistan. The model number is HZS 120 and you contact the supplier for the shipping fee.


HZS 120 weighs 35 tonnes

You’ll be given after sales service of free video technical support, commissioning and field installation after purchasing the HZs 120.

HZS 120 basically has its origins from China ( Mainland )

You can choose any color you’d like

The HZS 120 would give you 120m3/h of productivity

Has one year warranty

It’s of high quality grade

The HZS 120 would give you 60 seconds of working cycle time

Has a CE &ISO9001 certificate

It has an electric power of

It has dimensions of 170001200013000mm

The mixer model of HZS 120 is JS2000

The features of HZS 120 are:

Batching system

It has a batching system which has a big a centric pin which is inclined and has been designed in an arch valve design. It has also an adjustable plate and a vibrating lining structure. All this ensures that HZs120 batching plant for sale in Paksitan smoothly pours out the material.

Conveying system

It has a frictional encapsulate cylinder in which you can change as many times as possible. This would save your time since you can do the maintenance in thirty minutes. Moreover, you can clean it five times every day with clean water. This would lessen the damage of your HZS 120 batching plant belt.

Filler measuring system

Has a filler measuring system and when you connect the big and the small end you’d inhibit the influence of the spiral over the filler. Its structure is free weigh and this would inhibit the influence between the core structure and the filler.

Liquid measuring system

It has a liquid measurement system in which it will automatically crop the water storage tank. The flux is stable enough. It has exact calculations and measurement. The exact and rough measurement is able to automatically put the lose and get rid of the extra water. This would result to accurate measurement. This system has Admixture leakage prevention device which usually determines the quality of the concrete.

Dust removing system

The dust removing system has a bag filter which is of pulsed- wave mode and is able to remove 99.9% of the dust of your batching plant hence the resulting to the reducing of the maintenance fee.
It also has a big draft fan exhaust which is essential in the building as it would balance the pressure. It would also ensure the calculation and measurement is exact and fast.

Mixing system

The mixing system has two helical ribbon agitators which would help you save fifteen percent of your mixing time hence you’ll have saved up to twenty percent of your energy. It also has a Ram type discharge bucket and so you don’t have to use the spatter or draining to control the speed of the discharge bucket.

Intelligent control system

This system has its dual computer management and control system which usually ensures that your HZS 120 batching plant continues to work smoothly.

After you’ve paid the HZS120 batching plant, you’ll have twenty days of lead time. You can pay for this batching plant using the VISA, MASTER CARD, T T, Pay Later or you can use the Online Bank Payment.

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