What Is A Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is a work equipment which is used to lift or lower down any heavy objects or loads. They help businesses save a lot of time and effort and in turn increases efficiency of a company. They have a range of applications and are categorized according to the purpose they serve. The application of these machines can be seen every around us from construction sites and steel structure(estructura metalica) workshop to motor savage yards. There are five major categories of Lifting equipment which are detailed further below.

Steel Structure Workshop For Overhead Crane
Steel Structure Workshop For Overhead Crane

1.Forklifts – These are a very common lifting equipment used by many businesses. It is driven like a small vehicle and it has two metal protrusions at the front, much like a fork, which is used to slide into wooden pallets and move the products around a warehouse environment. The forks can also go up and down and are used to lift heavy objects to tall storage areas or racks and to lower them as well.

2.Winch – A winch can be considered a lifting equipment for heavy loads and are commonly used for towing purposes. For example when a vehicle gets stuck in mud, it can be moved with the assistance of a winch. Winches come in various forms including Snubbing Winch, Glider Winch and Air Winch which are some of the common ones used frequently. Majority of the winches are attached in a stationary position such as a wall or even a heavy truck( camion pesado ); workers can attach the hook at the end of the winch to a piece of equipment in the object to be moved and let the winding mechanism pull it along. workers can attach the hook at the end of the winch to a piece of equipment in the object to be moved and let the winding mechanism pull it along

3.Hoist – Hoists are used to lift objects which are of enormous size and weight upwards. It accomplishes the task with assistance of a rope or a chain. In some cases the hoist might be permanently fixed to the floor of the warehouse or repair shop and the object would then need to be moved to the hoist for lifting. Most of the times forklifts and hoists are used in conjunction to move objects onto a permanently set lift.

4.Cranes – Cranes are the most versatile of all the lifting equipment present in the market and can be made in various sizes, small and large, depending on the needs of the business. It uses an angled boom to move loads up and down as well as from side to side. Most of the crane( La mayor parte de la grua ) designs have an option of moving the boom horizontally thus giving it the flexibility to move in any direction.

5.Vacuum Lifts – Vacuum lifts use air vacuum to move objects upwards. They are especially useful in lifting objects which are not of standard size such as panes of glass. They can be used to lift extremely heavy loads as well such cargo containers, so that they can be loaded and unloaded safely.

An Important Lifting Equipment - Overhead Bridge Crane
An Important Lifting Equipment – Overhead Bridge Crane

Safe Operation of Lifting Equipment

As a lifting equipment is tasked to move heavy objects, there are a list of precautions that must be adhered to, to ensure that no mishaps or accidents occur while using them. Some of these are being highlighted below –

  1. Adhering to the load specifications mentioned with the equipment is extremely important. If the specifications are flouted for some reason it might lead to grave mishaps and life threatening accidents due to trapping/crushing, etc.
  2. Proper fixation of the accessories provided with the equipment such as chains, ropes, shackles, eye bolts, lifting/runway beams, etc. should be done in a proper manner.
  3. Extra care should be taken while handling these machines so as to not get caught up in them which can result in loss of limb or much more.
  4. Special care should be taken to avoid musculoskeletal hazards related to force exertions and/or poor working postures.
  5. Make sure there is no contact of the equipment with overhead electrical cables.
  6. Regular maintenance of the equipment is a must to ensure they are in perfect working condition.

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